North American Powertrain Components offers a vast coverage over your remanufactured products backed with our industry leading warranties to assure that your brand new product is at it’s highest form in reliability, performance and power. For full details about our warranties, please see below


All remanufactured parts comes with a extensive 3 Year/160,000Km warranty which includes from bearing kits, clutches, axles, servos, posi, crown and pinions supplied from the most popular leading manufactures such as American Axle, LUK, F.A.G Bearings, South Bend Clutch, Auburn Gear and more.

heavy hauler Series

Specially built in-house at NAPC, all heavy hauler race series transmissions are backed with our 3 Year /100,000Km warranty. Each heavy hauler transmission is placed in our one-of-a-kind in-house dyno for undergoing extensive testing and configuration to assure that all parts are in working matter.

For more details about our Heavy Hauler, send us a message or call.



When planning to purchase commercially, all remanufactured parts comes with a 3 Year/100,000Km warranty.


All non-commercial diesel engines comes with a 2 year unlimited KM warranty.

If you would like to know more about our warranties or production information, please give use a call or email us.