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    NAPC's Winter Driving Playlist NAPC's Winter Driving Playlist
    You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your vehicle over the next week. Our staff has put together a winter driving playlist for you - but be warned, it’s less “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and more “I...
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    Leading The Way: What Does It Take To Be At The Top Of Your Game? Leading The Way: What Does It Take To Be At The Top Of Your Game?
    As many of you may know, my daughter is a competitive swimmer. She’s pretty damn good, and that’s not just proud dad talk. At age 11, she is currently #1 in the country for 50m breaststroke and holds ...
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    5 Simple Signs You May Need a New Transmission 5 Simple Signs You May Need a New Transmission

    Not sure if your transmission is about to go?  Are you having trouble with your transmission in Edmonton

    Beware of these five simple signs that something may be wrong.

    1. Are We There Yet?


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    Built with only the highest-quality parts, automatic transmissions by NAPC are built to last. Each showroom-ready remanufactured transmission is built with longevity in mind through the most innovative processes available. We stock a complete inventory of automatic transmissions for Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes FWD and RWD vehicles. NAPC also offers in-house installation and repair service for all makes and models. Our large inventory gives us the ability to provide same day service, to get you back on the road when you need to be.



    Remanufactured transfer cases and motors by NAPC are built with OEM parts that meet or exceed specs and are backed by an excellent warranty for personal and commercial vehicles. If you prefer new, all new units are dyno-tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards. Between new and remanufactured units, NAPC has inventory for most makes and models of vehicle.



    NAPC is proudly Canada's largest 4WD and RWD light truck differential supplier. Our inventory of front & rear differentials and axle assemblies is unsurpassed. As with all of our work, our remanufactured front and rear differentials are built with OEM parts whenever possible that meet or exceed specs to ensure maximum performance. We offer a warranty of 3YR/160,000KM.