Hi from NAPC

Hi, Nice to Meet You!
North American Powertrain Components has a wonderful family of loyal customers, but sometimes we forget to reintroduce ourselves to those who have been with us for years. We often hear “I didn’t know you did that!” So we want to take this opportunity to say “Hi” again, to give you a reminder of all we do here. It is our hope that in return, we get to know you a little better as well!

Let us informally introduce ourselves. We are Canada’s Largest Powertrain Remanufacturer with an inventory of thousands of new and remanufactured automatic & manual transmissions, front & rear differentials, torque converters, transfer cases & motors, drive shafts & axle shafts, diesel & gas engines, parts, kits and more. We are fully stocked for a variety of automatic transmissions for Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chev/GMC, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes FWD and RWD vehicles and are proud to be Canada’s authorized dealer for H&A’s premium Honda and Acura Transmissions.

NAPC also offers in-house installation and repair service for all makes and models. To repeat – Yes we do in-house installations and repair!!! Our large inventory gives us the ability to provide same day service. We pride ourselves on having well trained technicians with the ability to build and install a wide range of units.

  • All makes and models
  • 8 bay shop
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Same day service
  • North American wide warranty

We know that was quite a mouthful. What we want you to take away from all of this is: If you have a vehicle, we will take care of you!

We are here to keep you on the road when you need to be. Simple as that.